Lance Design is a designer and manufacturer of high quality specialty products for the professional broadcast and production industries. Our products are used in the finest facilities around the world. Our customers include television networks, production studios, mobile production trucks, edit facilities, universities, and broadcast stations.
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ADX Networked Audio systems provide a unique solution to fiber-based announce booths and other audio facilities. Ethernet technology and innovative design provide the very highest audio quality with unmatched flexibility, ease of setup, and low cost. ADX systems have been used for Superbowls, Olympics, US Opens, Academy Awards, HBO Boxing, and many other high-profile events.
The ADX-120 Announce Unit provides all functions required for a typical announce position. Additional mic, ifb and PL connections are available on rear panel XLR connectors.
ADX-140 XLR Panel
The ADX-140 provides 4 mic inputs, 2 ifbs, and 2 wet PLs. It may be used with or instead of ADX-120s in any combination
ADX-8000 Switch
The ADX-8000 Switch provides power and network connections for up to eight ADX-120s or ADX-140s using a single strand of fiber. Power is delivered over the Ethernet connection, so only a single CAT5 cable is required from the ADX-8000 to each ADX-120/140. This is a lean, cost-effective method of implementing a fiber-connected announce booth. Setup is easy and quick, and signal quality is outstanding.
2400 Stack
Each ADX-2400 Main Unit provides 48 channels of audio transmission over standard Ethernet in a 1 RU package. These units form the truck or control room end of the announce system with each 2400 supporting four ADX-120s or ADX-140s in any combination. They can also be used for general transmission and distribution, or as a very high quality stand-alone 24-channel audio delay system.
ADX-2400M Madi Interface
In addition to the analog and AES versions, the ADX-2400 is now available in a MADI version, the ADX-2400M. Smaller, lighter, and very affordable, the ADX-2400M makes interfacing an ADX system a piece of cake.
We also manufacture a number of controllers for videotape and disk recorders. The TDC-100 Disk Controller has been a favorite of the TD community for years, and is an industry standard for mobile units and live control rooms.
The CP-50 Universal Controllers are perfect for non-linear edit or graphics work stations, as well as on-air playback. The CP-50 is also available in a 2RU rackmount version

Lance Design LLC is a designer and manufacturer of specialty products for the broadcast and production industries.  Our customers include broadcast and cable networks, television and radio stations, mobile production companies, and many other organizations.  We have been providing production tools to these customers for more than fifteen years.

Bill Lance is the principal design engineer, and has long experience in the broadcast industry.  Our goal is to create useful, reliable products at a reasonable price, incorporating the highest engineering standards.  All Lance Design products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Thank you for your interest in Lance Design.  We look forward to working with you

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